Fat Tuesday Coffee


source: Take a Megabite

I’ve been raised Catholic, so I’m accustomed to giving something up for Lent every year (though I think I skipped out on it last year). This time it took me a while to come up with a treat to fast from that will help improve my life, but also be difficult (fasting shouldn’t be easy). I went with what seems like an obvious choice, but will be so difficult to go without for forty days: coffee and Starbucks.

What will benefit? My wallet. My health. My ability to contribute my dollars to businesses that actually align with my values and support local farmers or entrepreneurs. Sorry gold card, we’re taking a break. Maybe after over a month, I’ll finally kick the habit and will be drinking green smoothies in the morning or something.

But before that happens (starting tomorrow!) I can have a little Mardi Gras coffee party for today. One Venti Java chip Frappuccino please! Okay, that might be overkill. Instead I’ve compiled my favorite coffee recipes to try out before I have to give it up for Lent. If I don’t get through all of them, I can make the rest on Easter Sunday!

Apple Yogurt Coffee Cake from Cupcakes and Cashmere

Best Coffee Around Los Angeles from Freutcake

Coffee Pancakes from Eat Live Run

Coffee: A Chemex Method from Sprouted Kitchen

Coffee Ice Pops from Paper/Plates

Coffee Marshmallow and Salted Caramel Topped Brownies from Take a Megabite


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